Monday, August 29, 2011

My guest post at Jana Riess's Flunking Sainthood!

Check out my guest post at Jana Riess’s Flunking Sainthood!

"Can Mormonism Make a Place for Same-Sex Marriage? Guest Blogger Brad Carmack Says Yes"


  1. So, this doesn't relate to your post, but I wanted to ask if you've had a chance to read Deseret Book's new volume on same-gender attraction. Ty Mansfield has compiled an anthology of Articles by prominent Gospel Scholars as well as personal essays from members of the church who either experience same-gender attraction or are close to someone who does. It's awesome!

  2. K.L.:
    I've read some of Voices of Hope. I was distinctily unimpressed with Brad Wilcox's approach (with the exception of his excellent piece on the grace of Christ). I typed up a sincere, detailed response to him via email. I've only browsed the rest thus far.


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