Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hi, I'm Brad Levin- director of FreeBYU, because I REALLY REALLY want religious and academic freedom at CES universities. AMA!

I did an AMA on Reddit earlier this month. Here was the dialogue:

bwv549♫ 𐐹𐑉𐐮𐑌𐑅 ♫ 9 points  
I read through your honor code file, and it was interesting the kinds of comments and notations in there.
Have you had a chance to see any other HC files? Any sense how deep a typical HC file goes?
[–]sarahemaier 7 points  
Is there a possibility that I could have a file without knowing anything had been submitted? Or do you know when you have a record?
[–]broofjay889 6 points  
I requested mine back in late April and this was the Honor Code Response (via email)....Thank you for your email. The form is referred to as the Record Review Request form. The request form is in the Honor Code Office located at 4450 WSC and you may come in to obtain the form. The Honor Code Office has 45 days to prepare the file. We can assist you with this request. ....still waiting
[–]BroBrotherton 9 points  
Why don't BYU students have the right to convert to another religion? I know the standard answer but isn't there a freedom of religion argument to be made? I feel like the supreme court would be on my side.
[–]heartinthepnw 4 points  
I actually know a student at BYU who is a member, raised in the church, BIC, etc. BUT enrolled in one of the BYU schools (purposely vague here) as a Non-member, even though still technically a member (never ex'd, never resigned). He/she was totally upfront. Got an ecclesiastical endorsement from the local bishop and the school after explaining the situation: non-believer since 18, would have problems with never-mo spouse, etc. I should be clear, this student did not change their listed religion from MO to Non-Mo after enlisting in BYU, he/she enrolled as a non-member from the start even though he/she is in the church computer as a member as was totally upfront about that. This really surprised me. I had never heard of it being done. But I am 100% sure of the facts of this case.
[–]heartinthepnw 2 points  
You're welcome. I was amazed this was even possible. Knowing this person I knew he/she would not be able/willing to attend nor pay tithing to name just two requirements. I believe a couple things were crucial. 1: Coming in as a non-member. 2:Being upfront about being member. I know these seem contradictory. That's the church for you. Also, never having been either ex'd or resigned. This person had been through all of the programs as a youth from seminary on. But only held a temple recommend as a youth for baptisms. Nothing else. I think having had temple ordinances would have been a problem. I was still surprised that he/she gets away with belonging to no church at all. Attending no church. Essentially having no religious belief. Didn't even know that was possible at BYU. Still, I highly doubt the church would allow it if the person were a younger unmarried adult. This person is not dating. But maybe it's a sign of opening up. I don't think he/she will be discussing their religious beliefs in class though.
[–]N620JH 10 points  
Any updates to the ABA's review of the law school's accreditation? And if not, any other updates that you hinted at in the lead up to this AMA that you care to share at this time?
[–]Slc10000 5 points  
Will BYU be able to continue its discrimination against the LGBT community in employment?
[–]JerryManilow 6 points  
Do you envision pressure from other schools via athletic event boycotts:
  1. Likely to happen?
  2. Likely to have any influence (if they do happen?)
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