Thursday, June 30, 2011

Clenching Sand

Just a little poem.

Clenching Sand

On the horizon she stood
the sun nearly gone now behind the sea
her gaze fixed outward,
determined to preserve the vision of the fading sail to the very last.

She posed erect,
the wind flapping her dress around the ankles,
her hair blowing behind her.
Long after the disappearance of both sun and sail,
she stood- silent, somber- serene.

From afar, as she watched the sea, I in turn watched her, and wondered-
Why did she linger?
Who was on that ship? A friend? A parent? A lover, who carried with him her dreams and her heart?

At last, she turned from the ocean scene, long since faded to black.
She sunk to the sand, sobbing, head buried in her knees, shoulders rising and falling with that cadence so unique to human sorrow.
For my part, though I could not reason why, I wept with her.

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