Thursday, June 9, 2011

Marriage and the Godhead


1) One white, bearded, exalted man
2) #1 + His exalted wife
3) #1 + His exalted wives
4) The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
5) The Son, Holy Ghost, the Father, and His exalted wife
6) The Son, Holy Ghost, the Father, and His exalted wives
7) None of the above

Which would you pick?

I've noticed some groups that are putting a lot of focus on marriage between a man and a woman as a primary goal of mortality or eternal progression. I tend to agree with the importance of marriage.  As I've argued elsewhere, some of the most important aspects of marriage have to do with commitment, permanence and, most importantly, union- exchanging the "me" identity for a "we" identity. 

One of the best archetypes in the universe that I can think of that exemplifies permanence, commitment, and unity, is not a union of two people, but of three.  It is not between a man and a woman, but between three men.  "Their bond consists of the ... eternal covenant between them, their perfect love, their unity of mind, heart, nature, and attributes... Of what relationship do I speak?  That of the Godhead. 

Perhaps there's an application here to same-sex marriage.


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