Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Current Facebook Groups

A snapshot from 10 April 2012:

  Mormon Stories Young Single Adults Support Group
  Mormon Transhumanist Association
  Phoenix Region - Mormon Stories Support Community
    Feminist Mormon Housewives Society
    Mormon Stories Podcast Community
    Affirmation: Gay and Lesbian Mormons
    LGBTQ, Family and Allies - Mormon Stories Support Community
Mormon Expression VIP Lounge
    MO 2.0
   Orange County, CA - Mormon Stories Support Community
    Reform Mormons
    A Prophetic People
    Mormon Democrats
    Washington Mormons for Marriage
    2011 BYU Law
    L.A. Region - Mormon Stories Support Community
    Maryland Mormons for Marriage
    San Diego - Mormon Stories Support Community
    USGA - Understanding Same-Gender Attraction
    DISCepticons - Phoenix Area Ultimate Frisbee Pickup
    Empathy First Dinner Groups
    Ultimate Sunday Nights (Tempe)
    MoHo Social   
Society for Humanistic Mormonism
    Students for the Family - Volunteers!
    Feminist Mormon Housewives
    Latter-day Seekers
    PFLAG Utah County
    For the Strength of Families
    Mormon Expression Lunch Club
    Society for Universal Immortalism
    BYU Date Club
    Kaplan PMBR Student Reps
    CorInvictus.com - Happy. Gay. Mormons.
      Brothers of Prometheus: Gay and Bi Men Overcoming Religious Wounding
    BYU / UVU - Mormon Stories Support Community
    BYU MPA 2009
   Affirmation Utah County Chapter
    BYU Jail Outreach
    BYU MPA at the Romney Institute
    California Sacramento Mission
    Communities for Decency (BYU Chapter)
    FAIR: Defending Mormonism
    Falafel and Philosophy Club
    Help Prevent Suicide
    International Law Students Association (Official Group)
    Invictus Pilgrim Book Club
    KONY 2012
   Mormon Liberals
    Mormon Missionary Gay Stories
    South Provo Events
    Spirituality After Mormonism
    The Provo Peace Forum
    Understanding LDS Homosexuality
    Wildly Speculative (Feminist) Mormon Theology

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