Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Activist Résumé, plus foreshadowing my upcoming booklet on Mormon feminist activism!

I thought I'd include links to my presentations, media appearances, etc. from the last few years.

Also, get excited: I should be coming out with a booklet on Mormon feminist activism in a month or two! Contact me if you'd like to volunteer as part of the closed-circuit editing phase. I'm so earnest about writing it- work and life feels a distraction right now!

  1. Shared an updated version of my book, Homosexuality: A Straight BYU Student's Perspective (sold out at Benchmark Books, Sam Weller's Bookstore, and BYU Bookstore)
  1. Spoke at Affirmation's April post-general-conference meeting in SLC
  1. Delivered a pro same-sex marriage address at the conservative academic conference, Strengthening the Family
  1. Presented Why Mormonism Can Abide Gay Marriage at the Sunstone symposium
  2. Wrote two analyses of church discipline- Church Discipline: Unveiled and Differences between "Handbook 1: Stake Presidents and Bishops 2010" and 'Handbook 2: Administering the Church"
  3. Authored a guest post, Can Mormonism Make a Place for Same-Sex Marriage? Guest Blogger Brad Carmack Says Yes, on Jana Reiss's Flunking Sainthood blog 
  4. Was featured on the cover of Qsaltlake
  1. Was profiled by Utah Common Values
  1. Delivered the keynote at the annual Affirmation banquet (held in 2011 in Cleveland and the Kirtland temple)
  1. Advocated involvement in nonprofit groups as part of a panel on the Mormon Channel
  1. Interviewed with J. Seth Anderson on Qtalk Arizona about my book
  1. Interviewed with Eric Ethington on PRIDEinUtah about my book
  1. Manned the PFLAG booth at the SLC Pride Parade, summer 2011
  1. Spoke on Sunstone panel re: LDS life in the "Borderlands," also in Sunstone Magazine article (page 76)
  1. Published an op-ed in the Salt Lake Tribune, Time for same-sex LDS marriages
  1. Was highlighted in the Advocate: Mormon Lawyer: Church Should Embrace Marriage Equality
  1. Guest posted Mormonism Beyond the Gender Binary on Feminist Mormon Housewives
  1. Was written about in the Salt Lake Tribune in an article entitled Mormon Pragmatism
  1. Wrote Reflections of a Mormon feminist: the role of women and men in and out of the church on Feminist Mormon Housewives
  1. Was discussed in The L Magazine: A Change of Heart on Gay Marriage From a Mormon Former Anti-Gay Rights Campaigner
  1. Was targeted in a same-sex reproduction article by Red Mass Group: Mormonism Beyond the Gender Binary
  1. Spoke about sexual orientation science at the opening event for PFLAG Utah County, summer 2011
  1. Shared a video activism series at my YouTube channel
  1. Presented Mormonism Beyond the Gender Binary at the Mormon Transhumanist Association Conference

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